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We are a group of business professionals that come together for lunch to exchange leads, and build relationships. We get to know each other’s businesses, and share that information with the contacts we meet the rest of the week.

Our rules are few and simple:
  • Only one business from each category at each meeting location. Business casual dress. Sorry, No children allowed at meetings.

  • Visitors are required to attend two meetings before being enrolled as a new member and all members must attend two meetings each month to retain their active exclusive status.

  • All visitors must have a referral from a current Neighborhood Networks active member. If a visitor does not have a referral from an active member then the visitor must fill out an application for membership and have two business referrals. For referred members the ten ($10.00) dollar web-site fee will be due at their third meeting attended, however an unreferred visitor must pay the ten ($10.00) dollar fee at the time of application. If membership is denied by the Board of Directors, the ten ($10.00) dollars will be returned.

  • If you have a service/product that makes extraordinary claims such as; cures cancer, saves on energy or gasoline, ect., you will be required to provide unbiased studies from organizations such as Consumer Reports, US State Department, EPA, Federal Trade Commission, or American Universities. The reports must validate the product to perform, not just that the product is registered with one or more of these agencies.

  • Visitors are always welcome but please be advised; if you belong to more than three other networking groups we will not guarantee you exclusivity, therefore your referrals may be limited.

  • Having fun while making good business friends is required.

Mission Statement:

Neighborhood Networks was originally conceived and designed to provide an alternative to costly networking groups. Professional, career minded individuals now have the opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere with no hard sell or pressure to pay large sums of money for membership. Your active participation is the only equity we will ever request. For those of you that are currently participating in Neighborhood Networks, I sincerely Thank You. For those of you that are considering a networking opportunity, Neighborhood Networks is your absolute best alternative.

John Price

Weekly Network Lunch Meetings:
  1. A one minute commercial for every active Neighborhood Networks Member at each meeting is a must. Visitors will be allowed 30 seconds until they become eligible for membership.
  2. Our Featured Speaker of the week will give a 10 to 15 minute presentation at the luncheon for their business.
  3. All Members become the Speakers "Sales Force" through out the week, generating referrals, and leads.
  4. Neighborhood Networks Members exchange leads, business cards, share ideas and business knowledge, and build relationships.


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Featured Member:
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Donna Queeney

Ron Queeney
Tampa Hypnosis Center

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